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Why teleconsulting?


I believe the biggest assets of an internist lie not in hands-on skills, but in critical thinking and knowledge.

The majority of large animal veterinarians do not have easy access to an internist. Case consults, whether with a more experienced colleague or the nearest teaching hospital, may be rushed or pushed off, to the detriment of the patient. And it's no one's fault! These days, everyone is busy.

Whether referral isn't an option for a puzzling FUO, or you just want a second pair of eyes on odd test results, I would love to help you work through your internal medicine cases in a timely manner, while keeping the case management entirely in your hands.

What can Dr. Humphreys help you with over the phone? Here are just a few examples-

  • Planning a diagnostic work-up of an ill large animal patient

  • Expanding your list of differential diagnoses for a puzzling case

  • Making treatment plans while diagnostics are pending

  • Interpreting bloodwork findings, culture/sensitivity data, and other diagnostics

  • Developing an appropriate IV fluid plan in a case with abnormal electrolyte concentrations

  • Making biosecurity plans for a facilities in an outbreak of infectious disease

  • Deciding when to refer

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