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Find your RACE-approved CE here!

This is where you will find pre-recorded lectures on large animal internal medicine topics. This will be updated every few months, so keep an eye out!

As an added incentive, for every 3 comprehensive case consults that you book with Dr. Humphreys, you will get access to any 1 of these lectures for FREE!


Note: you must complete the quiz at the end of each lecture, and answer at least 4 of the 5 questions correctly, in order to receive your CE certificate.

Clinical approach to camelids course

Designed to equip veterinarians with the knowledge to approach healthy and sick camelids in practice. This 3 hour course is divided into three parts (below). While this course is meant to be experienced in order and in its entirety, each part can also be watched by itself, or out of order.

Part 1- Camelid herd health (1 hour)

Includes camelid "normals", basics of physical exam and husbandry, and routine elective procedures (injections, sedation, teeth, castration, etc).

Clinical approach to camelids, part 1

Clinical approach to camelids, part 1

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Part 2- Common camelid parasites (1 hour)

Most common parasites are discussed including clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.